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Working On Forgiveness…

DSC00133I think I made a breakthrough. I have always heard how  important forgiveness is, if you are ready to embrace life and all of the good it has to offer. Yesterday,  I was in a moment of fear based thinking and interacting. Someone very close to me pointed out what they assumed my “problem” was based on my reaction to some information they shared with me. My ego immediately became guarded and I felt even more upset. Although I wanted to deny the statement and accusations made, I remained silent. The next day I sat with myself and played out the scenario in my head. Was what was stated about me true? Is that why it made me even more upset? Yes… It was true. I allowed myself the opportunity to accept my truth. I decided now that I recognized the ugly truth about my response that highlighted a fear based reaction, I should now choose how I move forward. The choice to be made weighed between deciding to accept this was who I am and how I dealt with certain situations, or I could also decide that my current response was no longer the way I wanted to respond.  I have decided that I want to be better. I want to choose the healthier way of selecting what my experiences are going to be. I may not know exactly how things will play out but, I can definitely choose how they affect me. I realized I should forgive myself, be gentle with myself for responding based on my old belief system. I am growing, but sometimes a thing I once heard referenced as chemicalization happens. It is the process that occurs when your old belief system bumps up against your new belief system. To put it plainly, it is a “UGLY” thing!

I have endured quite a bit of chemicalization as I release all of my old core beliefs and embrace the new thoughts and systems that resonates as truth. I encourage you today to consider the same process of forgiveness. It can be scary at times to acknowledge the ugly truths about self, but it is only needed for a brief moment. Once you have seen it and called it by its name, you hold the power to destroy it! Call it by its name and remind it that you are it’s creator and destroyer. If it no longer serves you, and reduces your vibration, release it. I choose to vibrate higher. There are levels I look forward to achieving, and I give thanks now, knowing it is already done.

My Prayer Today:

Thank you Spirit for this new day. I give thanks for the opportunity to share your light with the world. I release the old thoughts and ways that no longer serve me. Guide me through this process of sharing thoughts. Allow these words to reach and penetrate the hearts of all those it was created to touch and inspire. The truth sets us free, and I give praise for new found freedom. I am the light of the world and I am love. Gratitude flows through me now and I know it pours out of me and into the world as healing energy and light. Today I accept purpose and say, use me in the way I was intended to be used. I pray peace, healing, patience, and love in this world.

And so it is. Amen.


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