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The Truth About Depression & Anxiety


The body recognizes truth. I’m not quite sure how this is, but when presented with truth, the body recognizes it as truth. There have been plenty of scientific experiments which proved this.
Many of us tend to go with the flow of life’s punches. We realize there are certain things that we have a natural connection to that bring us joy, but we put aside that knowing and accept a life working on things we can barely relate to. Sometimes we can clearly see the gifts, talents, and purpose placed within ourselves yet, still allow the need of the dollar to control the decisions we make on how we spend our time.
If we can grasp the understanding that our body recognizes truth, let us now acknowledge that it also recognizes the untruths.
When there is a knowing within that you want something different for self or your surroundings than what is currently taking place, there is a misalignment that begins to occur. The states of being known as depression and anxiety are indicators that you are not in alignment with source. Your body is in distress and warning you to stop and rethink your current path.
I encourage you today to take the time to stop, go within, and ask the necessary questions. What is it that I need to feel better now? Ask the question and be open to the answer that follows. Chances are, you already have the answer for what is required to restore your joy.
Depression and Anxiety are more of a blessing in disguise than we tend to realize. You have favor. God/Spirit/Universe loves you so much, and is in agreement with you at all times to bring you the very thing you desire. When you feel that overwhelming sensation starting to hinder your progress day to day, remember it’s time to rethink your current choices and reintroduce the steps which lead down the path more aligned with you and your purpose.
You will see how quickly the anxiety and depression will become a thing of the past as you focus on your truth and allow yourself the option to remain aligned with your hearts desires.
A challenge all too many of us face is having to work 8 or more hours a day at a job that makes us feel totally unfulfilled. We say we would do anything to win the lottery or come into some kind of inheritance that saves us from ever having to return to a job that no longer serves us.
Actually, you have come into a great inheritance!
You are here, you are a child of God, an electric spark in this universe. All the good that you can possibly imagine can be your inheritance. There is no limit to the source of God/Good available to you. I am in the process of applying universal laws to create my good while also keeping the good of all man kind at heart. This journey definitely has its challenges and being that I am still in the unlearning stages, I have a ways to go. As I grow and Spirit places the words in my heart, I will deliver them to you….stay tuned.

My prayer for today:
Spirit I thank you! I am humbled by your presence in my life. Continue to use me. I pray love, peace, healing, and clarity over the lives of the world. I pray wisdom into the hearts of those longing for the truth of their purpose. I pray life into the lives that aren’t being truly lived. Pour out restoration over all who are ready to let go of the old ways which no longer serve them now.
Give us this day our daily bread, and grant us the discernment needed to choose how we spend our time. Through you all things are possible and there is no shortage of good available to those who seek. I give you all the praise and again say thank you.
And So It Is

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