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Is it your harvest season?

DSC00096Today I can definitely feel the change in season. It is cold and rainy outside. The shift in season reminds me that for everything in our lives, there is in fact a season.

Do you know what season you are in? I am sure everyone would love to enter and remain in their harvest season but with no efforts applied towards creating something to harvest, there is a slim chance in reaping great rewards.

In 2015 I decided I wanted to focus on something specific, something huge, and life altering. I wanted to be clear on my purpose. I asked the question. I simply stated “Spirit, what is my purpose?” I asked and waited for my answer. I became open to the opportunity to take the necessary steps that would lead me to my divine purpose. Around November 2014 I received instructions on what steps to take. Initially I was a bit concerned because this would mean leaving behind a lot of what I had created and embraced as comfort by habit. I wondered if I would have the patience and strength to take the path less traveled. I went into my heart space, held the thought of love, and decided from within that space. I made the promise to Spirit and Self that I would enter into the new year of 2015 sober. I would eliminate all of the things I have been instructed to remove, and I would not take part in it for the entire year. Today I am on the second day of the tenth month in 2015, one day before my birthday and I am proud to say, I have remained strong, obedient, and faithful to my 2015 fast.

Around month eight of my fast, I did in fact receive the vision I was promised. I now know a huge portion of my purpose and I AM grateful. I am humbled that I will be instrumental in birthing such a brilliant spark of light into this world. I give thanks continuously for the good entrusted in me.

Today I encourage you to ask yourself if you are prepared to harvest something great, as so many do around this time of year. If not, how did you spend the prior months of this year? Was it spent lost behind hours of bartered time for a corporation that sees you as a number? Was it spent sleep walking through your days and nights longing for the weekend to arrive so you can spend the little currency you have left after paying your bills? Was it spent, depressed, anxious, fed-up, and hopeless? Are you aware of life, of the gift life truly is?

In another blog I will stress the importance of time, but I will wrap this one up stating the following.

Go within and ask from your heart, what your purpose is. Invest the time to know and take the steps towards fulfilling it. When you begin to move forward in your purpose, you will eliminate any distress, anxiousness, and depression. These bad feelings form in your body for good reason. Your heart knows truth and your body recognizes truth. Every time you are in motion doing something that contradicts the truth, it creates a misalignment in your body. Things like living a life less than intended for you, spending time at a job you do not enjoy, and even saying yes to something when you honestly want to scream no, will create low vibration responses in your body.

Let today be the day that you decide to move forward in the fullness of love towards your highest good!

My Prayer Today:

Thank you God for wisdom. I AM grateful to have your guidance and love flowing unconditionally in my life. Through you all things are possible and I remain an open vessel moving in your time as you direct my path. I pray peace, love, forgiveness, and light into this world. Continue to speak through me and propel this message to all who need it. Thank you for the strength to release all things that do not serve me or add value in my life. Bless my life and all the lives in the world. Through your will I move in love, creating peace in the midst of  heavy hearts. I Am a healer and I am grateful you allow me access to your healing energy. Thank you for providing all I need as it is needed, you are my only source of good.

And so it is. Amen

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