Sunday , December 17 2017

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Permanent Dreadlock Extensions- Houston, TX

Permanent Dreadlock Extensions offered at Spiritual Hair Salon Spiritual Hair Salon is a Private Professional Salon Suite located in Houston,TX. Contact Us to schedule  a FREE consultation today! CALL: 281-690-6336

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The Truth About Depression & Anxiety

The body recognizes truth. I’m not quite sure how this is, but when presented with truth, the body recognizes it as truth. There have been plenty of scientific experiments which proved this. Many of us tend to go with the flow of life’s punches. We realize there are certain things ...

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Do your comfort zones block your blessings?

I recently celebrated my birthday on October 3rd. My personal New Year began with a trip to Paris, France. This was my first of many trips to Paris. Thoughts of gratitude flooded my mind while I was away. I am so thankful to have the luxury of travel, the time ...

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Is it your harvest season?

Today I can definitely feel the change in season. It is cold and rainy outside. The shift in season reminds me that for everything in our lives, there is in fact a season. Do you know what season you are in? I am sure everyone would love to enter and ...

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Working On Forgiveness…

I think I made a breakthrough. I have always heard how  important forgiveness is, if you are ready to embrace life and all of the good it has to offer. Yesterday,  I was in a moment of fear based thinking and interacting. Someone very close to me pointed out what ...

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Acheiving Perfection In 2015

How important is it for you to achieve perfection? Would you consider the flower shown above as perfect? The truth is… you and the flower are perfect, just the way you are. Just the way you were intended to be. Everything placed within the seed of a flower contained all ...

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