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Acheiving Perfection In 2015


How important is it for you to achieve perfection? Would you consider the flower shown above as perfect?

The truth is… you and the flower are perfect, just the way you are. Just the way you were intended to be. Everything placed within the seed of a flower contained all of the details that would unfold throughout the duration of its plant life. The same holds true for you. Before you were formed, all of the details of who you would be was embedded in your being.

There is a blueprint combined with an  incredible support system that remains available to you at all times. All you need to do is have the faith and let go of limited thoughts. If you have a true desire of a thing, and it is also great enough to help others to grow, love, and be better collectively and as individuals, you will receive all the support you need as you take the necessary steps forward to achieve it.

If you don’t believe this, what have you to lose by giving this system a try? In 2015 all we need be, is self. We all hold a unique experience that should be expressed in the fullness of truth. To play small and be anything less than the best self you can be, is a dis-service to self and the advancement of mankind.

My prayer today:

I give thanks for the realization of truth. In truth we are fully supported at all times and are capable of achieving our highest good. Thank you God for another day to grow, love, inspire, and express your light.

And so it it! Amen.

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