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Do your comfort zones block your blessings?


I recently celebrated my birthday on October 3rd. My personal New Year began with a trip to Paris, France. This was my first of many trips to Paris. Thoughts of gratitude flooded my mind while I was away. I am so thankful to have the luxury of travel, the time to escape my immediate surroundings, and the strength to step outside of my comfort zones and embrace different cultures. The reflection on what I was thankful for lead me to question my comfort zones. I realized there are still quite a few comfort zones I have restricted myself to.
I believe this can be a good and bad thing. It depends on whether or not you have a desire to aspire for more beyond where you are in life. If your comfort zones are blocking you from breaking beyond the barriers you wish to surpass, you should consider applying methods to assist you with taking steps outside of your comfort zones. I was once told that some of our best moments can and will be created outside of our comfort zones. I wonder what accomplishments, ideas, and blessings have been waiting for me beyond the mental barriers I have built for myself. How much more can I accomplish? How many connections, opportunities, and celebrations have I allowed to pass me by?
I encourage you today to ask some of these questions. Are you so complacent in your life that you have stopped truly living or aspiring for your best? I remember my father commending me on obtaining a higher status at a certain job I was working back in 2004, he also told me “do your best where you are now, but never stop growing and looking for something better”. I believe like so many people in our lives, he saw more potential in me than I saw in myself. Too often we sell ourselves short and accept what we are given. This goes for and can be applied in all areas of our lives. Work, relationships, family, friends, home, and more. We deserve our highest good. We should take the time to decide what our desire is. Even if you are grateful for what you have it is ok to want something more. Our biggest dreams are Gods basement ideas! Anything you can imagine is what can be and more. You can choose and you can create more of your hearts desires in your life now. Gratitude for everything is the best place to start, and as long as you are still here in the land of the living, you have plenty to be grateful for.
Right now is the best time to begin.
If you can, make a list of a few areas in your life where you feel you have become a bit too comfortable and can apply a few steps towards moving outside of your comfort zone in the direction of more good. Start now.

My Prayer for today:
Holy Spirit I thank you for your guidance. I give you honor and praise for my life and the lives in this world. I pray peace, light, and love fill the hearts of everyone reading this right now. I pray healing and restoration to all that need it. Thank you once again for allowing me the means to share my words with others. All things in my path Is from you and you alone I give credit. There is only one power and one presence in the universe and in my life, God the good. Continue to show us purpose and direct our path to fulfill your purpose. Thank you for your Love.
And so it is


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