Saturday , April 21 2018

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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Can we start with the truth? The truth is, we are uniquely made. Created and crafted with individual details based on the blueprints of the ultimate power. With the awareness of so much uniqueness, how do we give away our most valuable resources so effortlessly? How have ...

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Crypto Currencies In 2018

Hey Beauties, Let’s Talk about Crypto-Currencies… I by no means qualify to give any professional financial advice. I am here to voice my thoughts and concerns, along with real life experiences inside the crypto currency world. I’m laughing a little inside because it’s more like I dipped the tip of ...

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Let’s talk about these “Digital Nomads”. I really think it’s an amazing opportunity to obtain levels of freedom that enables you to travel and set up wherever you choose, while having the ability to continue earning revenue. How brilliant is that thought? Here in America I think we place such ...

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